About Us

Our values, our goals, our plans

Let’s build a better future for you – that is our slogan. With this page, we would like to live up to this slogan by introducing Bak Management GmbH to you in more detail.

You will also find out why we have a guarantee, thanks to which you only have to pay if you are satisfied.

What We Stand For

We give everything for a better future for you

We focus on our strengths so you can focus on yours.

The COVID pandemic was not an easy time for the construction industry. Nevertheless, as a young company, we can proudly claim that we were able to complete all projects on time and within budget – and even expand our client base. Growth in times of crisis: Proof that our holistic strategy works.

“Extensive range at a fair price – Europe-wide.”

 We are aware that you also want to complete your projects on time and on budget. That sustainable building is more than just a trend. And that you don’t want to pay a fortune for your project.

Our strategy mentioned above brings all these wishes under one roof – where, by the way, there is still room for many more of your wishes and specifications. Your satisfaction is what drives us.

Bak Management is a licensed BREEAM and DGNB company. These two sustainability certificates make your building project fit for the future: our projects already exceed the specified standards. Thanks to BREEAM certification, by the way, this applies throughout Europe. Incidentally, with languages such as German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Albanian and English, we are ideally prepared to conquer the European market together with you.

However, we do not only think ecologically sustainable, but also economically. Whether it’s the application for subsidies, the exact adherence to budget specifications or low price guarantees from our partners – with Bak Management, your building project will be an economic success.


Our promise

We promise to take all the work around your construction project off your hands. Nevertheless, you have full control and the final say at all times.

With customised solutions, we support you in several phases – after each one, you can flexibly decide whether you want to continue on the path with us as your partner.


Our guarantee

We guarantee that you only have to pay if you are satisfied with our service: If our strategy does not convince you in the first phase, you do not have to pay a cent for this phase.

If you realise after the second phase that we are not a good match, you can conveniently drop out as shown above.


Our offer

Let us analyse your project free of charge. We carefully examine the existing strategy, the processes, possible subsidies or the sustainability of the construction project.

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Let’s build the future

We believe in a better future – and would like to take the first step with unique project management. Turning your vision into reality. Put your trust in the experts at Bak Management GmbH.

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