• Adapting to new uses: Converting a building to a new use can be challenging, as the design and layout of the space may not be well-suited to its new purpose.
  • Historical preservation: Preserving the historical integrity of a building can be a challenge, as some changes to the structure may not be allowed due to preservation laws or regulations.
  • Environmental concerns: Buildings that are being converted may have environmental issues, such as asbestos or lead paint, that need to be addressed before work can begin
  • Building code compliance: Ensuring that the building meets current building codes and safety regulations can be difficult and may require significant changes to the original structure
  • Structural issues: Older buildings may have structural issues that need to be addressed before conversion work can begin, such as foundation problems, load-bearing walls, or rotting wood.
  • Unexpected Problems: As there are a lot of unknowns associated with existing buildings there is always an inherent risk that problems that were not known previously can present themselves through the course of construction.

How we can help

  • We can help provide you with detailed on-site conditions and help you optimize the repurposing of buildings as desired with fewer iterations
  • We can help preserve historical features of buildings as it is required or desired by the client as per municipal requirements or aesthetic features through construction best practices
  • We can evaluate the existing building and hire competent support as required to ensure that all required abatement, structural assessments, building code requirements and safety concerns are performed, evaluated, and addressed before the completion of construction.
  • We can help mitigate unexpected problems by providing agile reactions with expert opinions and providing support throughout the resolution of the problem

Our experience

Bak management has successfully completed the conversions of multiple buildings including the conversions of old industrial buildings to storage facilities, and the modernization of a hotel.

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