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If you are a developer which is undertaking the project of building a hotel there are key considerations which need to be taken into account.

  • Zoning and Permitting: Zoning and permitting can be a long, complex process which determines what can be built in specified locations and when construction can proceed.
  • Site selection: This can be difficult because factors such as accessibility, visibility, and competition can all play a role in determining the success of a hotel project.
  • Construction: Construction is a complex and expensive process, with many different components to manage and coordinate. Managing the construction process and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget can be a significant challenge.
  • Time Limitations: for many developments there is a requirement to have large amounts of capital invested throughout the project with no returns, therefore it is critical to ensure that schedule is adhered to too maximize the amount of time the project can regenerate capital

How we can help

  • We can ensure that site selection accounts for land use restrictions and zoning regulations, and help begin the permitting process early in the project life cycle to ensure that risk to construction is mitigated.
  • We can help maximize visibility in the planning phase to ensure that your project will stand out
  • We can manage the construction process and help to ensure that permitting, scheduling, quality, and financial goals are met or exceeded
  • We can help ensure that scheduled is adhered to by creating a detailed project plan and milestones to stay focused throughout the process of construction and ensuring quality is at the forefront through construction so there are no defects which will prevent occupancy from governing bodies.

Our experience

Bak Management is currently working in an advisory role for a hotel project located in Berlin which involves weekly on-site coordination meetings with architects and consultants, schedule sequencing, coordinating work as per critical path, and ensuring quality standards are met or exceeded


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