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Your pain points

  • Site preparation: Preparing an industrial site for construction can be difficult, particularly if the site is contaminated or has other challenges such as slope, soil condition or natural hazards.
  • Design and engineering: Designing an industrial facility that is both functional and efficient can be difficult, as well as ensuring that the building is structurally sound and meets all building codes and regulations.
  • Managing complex logistics: Industrial construction sites are often large and complex, managing the logistics of materials, equipment, and personnel can be a major challenge.
  • Meeting regulations and standards: Industrial construction projects may have to meet specialized regulations and standards, such as those related to pollution control, energy efficiency and emissions.

How we can help

  • We can help assist in the carrying out of site contamination levels and search for other unknowns, read and interpret all reports pertaining to conditions and provide guidance on following works as required.
  • We can utilize our connections and contacts with consultants, engineers, and architects to ensure that the correct personal are selected for the job based on skills and qualifications
  • We can ensure that all logistics are evaluated including procurement, lead times, delay mitigation, and site planning to ensure the project runs in a smooth manner and all requirements for man power and equipment are accounted for.
  • We can evaluate designs for compliance with governmental, environmental, and safety standards to ensure compliance is achieved in the design phase prior to construction where cost and time delays are incurred for design misses.

Our Experience

Bak management has worked on the development of several brown field projects and undertaken the pre-construction hazard mitigation and site preparation works and design review to ensure projects comply to all standards prior to construction. Bak Management has proudly worked with clients such as CTP and is looking forward to expanding our clientele.

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