Contract & Claims Review

Contract and Claims reviews

A contract review is the process of examining a legal contract to ensure that it is legally binding and enforceable, and that all parties understand their rights and obligations under the contract.

A claims review, on the other hand, is the process of examining a claim or an assertion made by a party to determine its validity. This can be done by an insurance company or a government agency, for example, to ensure that the claim is legitimate and that the party is entitled to the benefits or compensation being sought.


  • Ambiguity: Contracts may contain ambiguous language or terms that are open to interpretation
  • Omissions: Contracts may leave out important details or considerations
  • Inconsistencies: Contracts may contain inconsistencies or contradictions
  • Inadequate consideration: Contracts may not provide enough consideration for one or more of the parties
  • Fraud: Claims may contain false or misleading information leading to denied claims or legal action
  • Lack of documentation: Claims may not have sufficient documentation to support their validity.
  • Ineligibility: The party making the claim may not be entitled to the benefits or compensation they are seeking.
  • Timing: Claims may be submitted outside of the appropriate time frame and may be denied as a result.
  • Complexity: Claims may be complex and require specialized knowledge to evaluate and process, which can lead to delays or errors in the review process.

How can we help

  • We can remove any ambiguity from contracts with clear and decisive language and structure that is not open to interpretation.
  • We can ensure that all items of concern in the future are included in contracts to provide protection.
  • We can ensure consistency through contracts to ensure that all work to be done is included and completed at no additional cost.
  • We can ensure that all parties are considered in contracts for both liability and protection.
  • We can limit the possibility of fraudulent claims and ensure that all claims are legitimate through documentation and time spent on site.
  • We can ensure that all project documentation is securely and diligently tracked through the use of digital record keeping.
  • We can provide all the information and documentation to ensure that unjustified claims are prevented or dismissed.
  • We can ensure that any claims that need to be made are made within the required timeframes to avoid the risk of dismissal.
  • We can provide expert knowledge and expertise to handle claims in a timely manner to avoid additional costs.


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