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Convince yourself of the services with which we confidently support you at every stage of the project. Thanks to targeted specialisations, we are a professional partner who will take you forward throughout Europe.

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Project Management

In close consultation with the client, we take on all tasks related to the construction process. Through our international network, we have excellent contacts – be it for architects or construction companies, which we are happy to commission for you. Despite everything, you are of course always in control, which you can exercise at any time thanks to our transparent way of working.

 Keeping to your time and cost schedule is our top priority. With a trained eye, we also check the quality of the work carried out.

 This is the only way we can guarantee to hand over an attractive building ready for occupancy according to your specifications. We inform the downstream facility management accordingly so that a seamless transition is guaranteed.

BREEAM Certification

In the pre-assessment, we confirm the BREEAM compliance of your project. A kick-off meeting as well as the pre-assessment report provide the further development.

 During the planning phase, we prepare a requirements report or a specification sheet. We also take care of the registration of the DIFNI. Our specially trained experts give important workshops to all those involved in the planning.

 These also shape the execution phase, in which the reports are also updated and checked again as documents. The final stage is the handover to the DIFNI.

 The certification phase provides the conclusion. Documents are collected, the certificates submitted. We take over the coordination with the DIFNI for you. In the end, your building is certified.

Construction Management

The main task here is to supervise the construction work. In addition, we take over the coordination of all parties involved in the project.

 This means that we always have an overview if the schedule is in danger. Appropriate structures guarantee quick action (e.g. giving notice of default to the executing companies). Thanks to careful cost control, the project remains within your budget.

 Before the handover, we detect any defects with trained eyes – of course with the strictest record-keeping. Our experts check and evaluate the justification of supplements before the property is handed over.

DGNB Certification

Here, too, the DGNB conformity of the building is confirmed as part of the preliminary assessment.

 As part of the planning phase, the requirements report is prepared and we also take care of the DGNB registration. After the first workshops with all those involved in the planning, a preliminary certificate is ready.

 Further workshops follow in the execution phase. This is also where the requirements report is updated before we hand over the audited documents to the DGNB.

 In the final phase (certification phase), we collect all relevant documents and submit the certificate. Until your building is certified, we take over the coordination with the DGNB.

Client Representation

As construction project managers for many years, we are very familiar with the tasks of a builder. So we are happy to define the project goals and determine the project phases.

We support you in each of these phases with experience and competence. In addition to transparent communication, the focus is also on planning security: we create facts without presenting you with a fait accompli. With Bak Management GmbH, you can hand over the role of the builder with a clear conscience – and still retain full control.

 In preparation for the acceptance tests, we carry out careful quality controls. In addition, we guarantee compliance with your schedule through regular schedule checks.

 In the final stages of your project, we supervise the closing work and check the final invoices.


We are specialists in sustainability and construction. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your construction strategy, contract management or any other topics related to sustainability in construction.

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In the end, continuity wins. We only work with reliable contractors and visionary clients. People who are only out for a quick buck are neither part of our target group nor our partners.

 That is why we build on long-term relationships based on trust.

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