Do You Want To Build Smarter Than Your Competitors?

Our construction management system helps international companies to build carefree, cheaper and more environmentally friendly in Germany.

DGNB Certification

For construction projects, DGNB certification provides a high level of future certainty. We'll answer all of your questions, provide workshops, and handle all of the appropriate paperwork so you can get your desired rating.

BREEAM Certification

For international clients the BREEAM Certification may be a great fit, as the same system can be used worldwide. As a licensed BREEAM DE company, we are able to handle the entire process and answer all your questions.

Life Cycle Assessment

A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a systematic examination of a product's environmental effect and energy balance over its full life cycle ("from cradle to grave"). Through this method we are able to show you the true environmental impact of your building.

Life Cycle Costing

Life-cycle costing (LCC) is a cost-management method that evaluates a product's development from conception to discontinuation (product life cycle), or "from the cradle to the grave." Through this method we are able to tell how much your building really costs.

Taxonomy Consultation

The EU taxonomy is a classification system that establishes a list of economically viable activities that are environmentally friendly. It will play a critical role in assisting the EU in scaling up sustainable investment and implementing the European Green Deal.

Sustainability Consultation

Does your need not quite fit into any of the above offerings? Please do not hesitate to tell us we will find a way to help you.

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